Bunny Hug Blanket - Fox Print

Bunny Hug Blanket - Fox Print

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Snuggle up at quiet time with Fox and Bunny baby lovey.

This is my own unique design of a security blanket and stuffed animal. The blanket is designed with a little hooded jacket sewn to it. The bunny comes out of the jacket. Babies can hug the bunny toy and cover their toes with a soft blanket at the same time.

It is perfect for the car seat or stroller. Chances of bunny being dropped and left behind are low if baby still has a grip on the blanket!

  • Bunnies face is embroidered.
  • The edging on the blanket and jacket is hand stitched with yarn.
  • The bunny blanket set is completely washable.
  • They are made from polyester fleece and should be hung to dry.
  • Size: All blankets are approximately 76 x 76 cm (30 x 30 in) in size. 

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Professional member of the Prince Edward Island Craft Council.